Best Cleaning Products for Different Types of Messes

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Best Cleaning Products for Different Types of Messes

By : Angelina

Keeping your house clean and mess-free is challenging, tiring and cumbersome, especially if you have a full-time job, children, or pets. Cleaning can take a lot of time as different types of messes need different cleaning supplies. Some messes take a second to clean while others can take hours.

Depending on the nature of spillage, stain, or grime, you have to apply different approaches. One way to save you the hassle and elbow grease is to hire a reliable end of lease cleaning company in Canberra. Most good companies in Canberra offer a variety of end of lease cleaning services. They can provide customised solutions, as their cleaners have years of experience.

In addition, the cleaners have the right cleaning products and equipment for tackling different types of messes. They can clean within a few hours and make your house germ-free and sparkling.

However, if you wish to clean and learn about the best cleaning products for DIY cleaning, read on…


Before you start gathering the supplies and gear yourself for cleaning, you must learn about the different types of messes that are common in homes. They are listed as follows:

  • Dust
  • Oil, grease, or adhesive stains
  • Food and drinks spillage
  • Crayon/ marker, scuff, and dirt marks
  • Pet hair and accidents
  • Blood
  • Water stains, spillage, and deposits
  • Ink or dye stains
  • Laundry and dishes


The cleaning industry in Canberra is enormous, with modern research tools, advanced technologies, and product development. Some products are traditional ones that still work excellently for cleaning while some came with technological advancement. Today you can find a variety of cleaning products for tackling different types of messes. Here are a few popular ones.

Warm Water And Castile Soap

The documented use of castile soap for cleaning dates back to the 11th century in Europe. It is an organic and versatile cleaner which, when combined with warm works excellently. You can use these two ingredients to make an effective all-purpose cleaning solution.

All you have to do is take a spray bottle and mix ¼ cup of liquid castile soap in one litre of warm water. You can add lemon, tea tree or any other essential oil of preference to make the solution fragrant and anti-bacterial. You can use this solution to clean clothes, dishes, floors, countertops, sinks, and other fittings in your house.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

These two products are secret weapons that every end of lease cleaner in Canberra uses for effective cleaning. You can use these natural ingredients to clean grease, oil stains, water deposits, food spillage, and much more. Baking Soda is effective in soaking moisture and odour, while Vinegar is useful for disinfecting and dissolving deposits.

You can use them together or separately to clean carpets, ovens, microwaves, floors, countertops, points of contact, utensils, dishwashers, grouts and almost everything in your house.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Besides cleaning wounds, cuts, and scrapes, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent alternative for bleach. It can remove stains from dirty laundry, carpets, upholstery, ceramics, countertops, floors, grouts and other surfaces. You can use it with baking soda to enhance the cleaning properties. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cleaner for blood spillage or stains from clothes, floors, or any other areas.

Steam Cleaners 

This modern equipment is a godsend. Backed by the power of steam cleaning, you can easily remove a variety of messes with it. Steam cleaners come with different attachments that make cleaning upholstery, carpets, curtains, floors, countertops, stoves, walls, grouts, glass panels, windows, and other areas easy.

You can use steam cleaners to remove spills, dirt, deposits, and grime from hard to clean spaces with steam and vapour blasting. Even professionals in Canberra use steam cleaners for end of lease cleaning.

Microfiber Cloths

Experts bond cleaners in Canberra use microfiber clothes extensively for end of lease cleaning services. Also, microfiber cloths have become household staple for dusting and cleaning. They are used for removing dust, soaking up spills, cleaning dirt and much more. Microfiber cloths have replaced traditional cotton cloths for cleaning, as they can gather grime much more effectively.

They are highly absorbent and easy to wash. Plus, they help reduce the number of cleaning products you use. Microfiber cloths are versatile and suitable for cleaning different types of messes from dissimilar surfaces.

Vacuum Cleaners

From housewives to expert cleaners in Canberra, everyone uses vacuum cleaners for effective cleaning. They are excellent for collecting dust and dirt from every type of floor. Vacuum cleaners come with a variety of attachments which makes them versatile cleaners.

You can clean carpets, curtains, upholstery, nooks & crannies, vents, windows and other spaces with vacuum cleaners. Experts recommend the use of vacuum cleaners in homes as they can get grime and dirt off surfaces with great ease. Reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Canberra always provides vacuum cleaning services as it’s useful.

Keep The Supplies Handy

To clean your house without effort, you must keep cleaning products handy. If you don’t have a broom closet, then find a space in your home where you can store all your cleaning supplies. Ensure you stock frequently used products in bulk.

If your tenancy is about to get over, make sure you get all your cleaning equipment repaired if you are thinking of doing end of lease cleaning yourself. If you don’t have the equipment, hire professional cleaners in Canberra.


Keeping the house clean and mess-free is essential. You can do so by regularly decluttering, sweeping, dusting, and mopping the house. If you are for any reason unable to clean, you can always hire a reliable bond cleaning company in Canberra. They offer spring cleaning, oven & BBQ cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning and other services.

You can contact reputed companies for queries. For DIY suggestions, you can visit their websites to learn tips and gather information related to the best cleaning products and how to clean different types of messes.