A Comprehensive Checklist For Deep Cleaning Your House

A Comprehensive Checklist For Deep Cleaning Your House

By : Angelina
Besides routine sanitation and maintenance of your home, you need to deep clean it every few months to get rid of dust, dirt and grime in spots that remain untouched. must make time for the activity to keep your house clean and organised at all times. A dirty house can increase stress and cause household members to fall sick frequently. Fixtures, surfaces and objects in your home can lose their appearance and structural integrity without routine sanitation.

It is a serious issue especially ending a tenancy, as a dirty property will make you lose the rental bond. You can hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Canberra to make the rental property adequately clean for the exit inspection.

However, here is comprehensive checklist for deep cleaning your house like an expert.

Ready Your Cleaning Supplies

Before starting any task, you must have the right cleaning products, tools and equipment on hand to complete it effectively and efficiently. Here are the things you should have.

  • Microfiber cloths, dusters, mops, sweepers, brooms and dustpan.
  • An all-purpose cleaner for common household areas
  • Special cleaners for bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • A TGA-approved disinfectant
  • Spray bottles, buckets, plastic mugs, and other containers
  • A vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, steam cleaner or other equipment as per requirement.

Dust Top To Bottom

Dusting is the first task you should complete to remove dust, dirt and debris from household surfaces and fixtures. Perform this activity in every room, moving top to bottom for saving time, energy and effort. It is a professional technique cleaners use during the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra that prevent recontamination of cleaned areas.

While dusting, make sure you wipe the ceiling lights and fans as they can gather a lot of dust and cobwebs. Additionally, don’t forget to pay attention to the baseboards as they get contaminated more than walls and other vertical surfaces.

Wipe Windows & Doors

Since these fixtures are entry points, they become hubs for dust, dirt, allergens and other pollutants that degrade the indoor air quality. Use a homemade cleaner with 50% water, 50% white vinegar, and one teaspoon of soap in a spray bottle to sanitise the fixtures’ tracks, frames, and flat surfaces. Don’t forget to sanitise and disinfect the handles, bolts, locks, screens, and panes as these are high touchpoints where germs grow more than other areas.

Vacuum Upholstery & Beddings

Couches, chairs, mattresses, pillows, and other upholstered/cushioned furniture contains dead skin, fine dust particles, allergens etc. These contaminants attract bacteria, dust mites, and viruses that irritate your skin and respiratory system.

Therefore, you should deep clean them regularly with a high-performance vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Move the equipment in slow and deliberate strokes to collect pollutants completely.

Wipe Flat Surfaces

Every house has countertops, shelves, walls, and other flat surfaces that are commonly and regularly touched. These surfaces are hot spots for dust, grime and germs that cause serious illnesses. Therefore, you must wipe them with an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth. Make an ‘S’ pattern instead of circles while wiping to prevent the spreading of contaminants and germs that cause infectious diseases. It is what professionals for end of lease cleaning in Canberra do to clean flat surfaces quickly and effectively.

Sanitise The Kitchen

The kitchen has several fixtures and surfaces exposed to dirt, grime, and hard water, making them suitable for developing a bio-film. Bacteria, mould spores, viruses and fungi can attach to the film and grow rapidly. Thus, you must do the following tasks to sanitise your kitchen.

  • Wash the windows, sink, and stove
  • Clean the oven, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect cabinets, drawers and other storage units
  • Wash and clean tiled areas and grouts

Clean & Disinfect the Bathroom

The bathroom has the dirtiest areas in your home besides the kitchen. You need to clean and disinfect the toilet, shower area, bathtub, and sink thoroughly. Furthermore, you must wipe or wash the shower glass, mirrors, shelves, cabinetry and other surfaces. To reduce the requirement for elbow grease, give bathroom cleaners proper time to dwell like professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra before scrubbing and washing fixtures.

Deep Clean Carpets/Sweep & Mop Floors

Some homes have hard floors while others have carpets, and both need thorough sanitation. To maintain hygiene, you should sweep the floors with a broom or sweeper before wiping thoroughly with a microfiber mop. For deep cleaning carpets, sprinkle them with baking soda before vacuuming in a ‘W’ pattern. Push the vacuum head straight ahead and tilt the head at 45º while pushing it back.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your house neat and tidy is crucial to living a healthy life and having a good indoor air quality. You can take the assistance of professionals for end of lease cleaning in Canberra and returning the rental property in pristine condition. However, follow the house cleaning checklist above for maintaining household hygiene.