8 House Cleaning Tricks for Your Canberra Property

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8 House Cleaning Tricks for Your Canberra Property

By : Angelina

Does your house get dirty quickly? How much time will it take to clean up your entire house? No matter how big or small your Canberra  property is, cleaning is something that takes a lot of time and effort.

As a homemaker, it is your responsibility to keep your house neat and clean while maintaining a hygienic environment to ensure the health of your family, especially if you have kids and pets.

Since cleaning is a tedious task, make sure you follow some great house cleaning tricks that can save both your time and money.

Today, in this blog post, we have a list of some interesting tips that you can include in your House Cleaning Canberra routine to spruce up your property in no time.

1. Start from top to bottom, left to right

Don’t forget to start your house cleaning process from the top and then move downwards. For an example, you can start from removing cobwebs and then switch to dusting ceiling fans, cleaning blinds, windows, furniture, and lastly, sweeping the floor.

Similarly, move from left to right across the room while cleaning your house. It will save you time and help you in cleaning your entire room, without any hassle.

2. Removing dust

Dusting is the first thing that strikes to our mind when it comes to cleaning a house. Instead of dusting entire house, start from a living or dining room and include all the furniture, shelves, TV, AC, picture frames and other knickknacks.

Use a microfiber cloth or a feather duster for dry-dusting. If you want a better result, wipe down the surfaces with dampening cloth. And don’t forget to clean the top and corners of furniture because that’s where all dust and dirt gather.

3. Leave your mirrors and glasses streak-free

How do you clean mirrors and glasses? If you are wiping down with newspapers, it will definitely leave streaks. Instead, you can use a flat-weave microfiber cloth or cotton pad to clean your dirty mirrors.

Make sure you sprinkle the glass cleaner (use vinegar + water solution) on the surface and gently rub it with a cotton pad. After that, fold the microfiber cloth and wipe down in one direction. This will give your mirror and glasses a shiny look.

4. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is beyond removing dry dust. If you are finding difficulties in sprucing up the dust beneath a furniture or side corners, use a vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum your carpets, floors, and fabric furniture to collect all the dry dust and other containments. It is supposedly the easiest way to clean a house.

5. Floor Cleaning or mopping

Does your kid crawl around the floor across the room? Or Do you have pets? If yes, then clean your floors on a daily basis. Dirty floors not only leave a bad impression on guests but it can also spread harmful diseases.

If you want to keep your floors clean, make sure you vacuum it thoroughly. After that, wipe down it using a mop. Don’t forget to scrub the stains or spots.

Tip: Try to use a biodegradable cleaning solution to ensure the safe and sound environment of your house.

6. Disinfection is necessary

Wipe down all the surfaces and counters where fingers touch, like TV remotes and phones, light switches, door handles, etc. Those are the surfaces that people overlook while cleaning their house. Use a reliable disinfection solution to kill bacteria and germs.

7. Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Since both the areas get dirty quickly, make sure you clean and sanitise it on a regular basis. Spray cleaner on countertops, tubs, scrub sinks, spruce up shelves, cabinet, sanitise toilet seat, shower and wipe down tile walls to get rid of mould and other stains.

8. Ask for professional assistance

There is no harm in hiring professional cleaners. In fact, they use latest cleaning technologies and tools to give your thorough and reliable house cleaning in Canberra. If you are looking for such a recognised company, hire Bond Cleaning Canberra. They follow a strict cleaning checklist to give you a smooth and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Wrapping Up

Your house is just like your body – try to keep it neat, clean and keep it away from chemical-based cleaning products. The above-mentioned cleaning tips will make your cleaning chore a less daunting.