7 Tips To Make Cleaning Easier For Seniors

old woman wiping a window glass with a cloth mop

7 Tips To Make Cleaning Easier For Seniors

By : Angelina
Performing housekeeping tasks becomes next to impossible when you are in the middle of your sixties or seventies. Arthritis can make even worse when it comes to wiping down the surfaces, and the risk of falling is also common for seniors or older people.

Due to other health and age-related concerns, it is difficult for them to continue with the regular house cleaning chores. It is always good to hire seasoned professionals for a quality end of lease cleaning in Canberra when you are at the end of your tenancy.

They will take all the stress out of your shoulders and give you the best service along with your bond money. But, still you need to spruce up your house regularly to maintain the hygienic and healthy living environment.

Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips that will make cleaning easier for senior citizens. If you age around fifty or something and want a house in a tip & top condition, then  follow these seven tips:

1. Use Tools that Can Make Your Life Easier

There is no denying the fact that white vinegar, microfiber cloths and baking soda are some of the best cleaning tools and products. But, seniors should search for the tools that can make all cleaning chores easier without leaving any physical stress.

For example:  Use dusters with an extendable handle to remove dust and dirt from top surfaces. This will make it easy and less painful for seniors with arthritis when it comes to dusting surfaces like shelves, cupboards and ceiling walls.

Also, use disinfecting wipes to kill germs and bacteria lurking on the areas like light switches, bathroom counter, faucets, doorknobs, handles of kitchen appliances, and other frequently touched surfaces. They are super easy to use – wipe the surface and throw it.

Invest in a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can remove loose debris and accumulated dust from carpets, rugs, upholstery furniture and floors with ease.

2. Clean Room by Room

Young people usually deep clean their homes on weekends due to the excessive load of work and busy schedules. From washing windows to sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets to changing bedsheets, they do everything in one day. However, seniors should avoid doing such things as it requires a lot of energy. Instead of overburdening yourself, focus on cleaning one room each day.

This will cut down on the time and elbow grease required to clean an entire house in Canberra. Start from the top of your room using an extendable duster, and make your way down towards windows and floors.

3. Try Fancy Tools

Sometimes it is difficult for an elder person to remove built-up grease and grime from kitchen appliances like a microwave. Instead of putting all your energy in scrubbing off the stain, it is worth trying fancy tools available on the market.

Angry Mama is one of those tools that will make it easy for you to clean a grimy and messy microwave. All you need to do is to add white vinegar and water into the tool and microwave it for 2-3 minutes.

The steam will come out of the Angry Mama’s head will break down the tough stains and grime- making it super easy for you to wipe off the surface without much elbow grease.

Some of the other tools that can save you time and energy are electric brushes that can scrub off stains automatically, a toilet bowl cleaning system, a robot mop, and the list goes on.

4. Treat Carpet Spills Immediately

The longer a spill sits, the more difficult it is to remove. If wine or juice spilled on the carpet, treat it instantly. These little messes can become stubborn if they aren’t removed as soon as possible.

All you need to do is to blot the spill with a cloth or paper towel to get rid of the stain. You can also apply white vinegar and warm soapy water. Blot the surface instead of rubbing- this will transfer the spill or stain onto the cloth without even giving you a hint of stress.

5. Use Your Dishwasher

It is quite difficult to stand longer while doing dirty dishes. So, make the most out of your dishwasher. You can wash dirty dishes, plates and other kitchen utensils in your dishwashing machine. Make a routine so that you can manage everything in a streamlined manner.

6. Wipe Kitchen Countertops After Prepping Your Meal

This will prevent splatters and spills from getting tough. Seniors should wipe their countertops after preparing their food. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove sauce splatters, oil spills, and other mild stains with ease. Also, clean the stovetop and range hood.

7. Ask for Assistance

Sprucing up an entire house can be very challenging for seniors. It is good to ask your friends, family members or loved ones to assist you in cleaning chores. They can assist you in day-to-day cleaning activities like doing laundry, washing windows, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, etc.

If you are moving out of a rented property, book a company that can offer you the most sought-after end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Professionals will clean everything from top to bottom using the best tools and products.


Keeping a house clean and germ-free can be challenging for seniors. However, with these tips, they can perform various tasks without the risk of any injury or health loss. Use helpful cleaning tools, don’t put stress on your knees and always do a little when it comes to sprucing up a house in Canberra.