7 Problem Areas To Clean If Your Home Smells Funny

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7 Problem Areas To Clean If Your Home Smells Funny

By : Angelina
A home is a place where you spend most of the quality time with your family. It should look clean and smell fresh all day long. You can get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, mould and built-up grease from almost all surfaces. But, what if your home smells funny or unpleasant after doing all the hard work? The bad smell can linger around your home because of different reasons. It could be due to pet urine, mouldy stains, last weekend’s fried fish or stench from the bathroom. So, the first thing you need to do is to identify the sources of funny odour before treating them. If you are at the end of your tenancy, then hire trained experts for the best end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They not only clean the visible dust and dirt but also detect the sources of bad smell and banish them before the final inspection. However, if you want to keep your house smelling fresh, then consider these 7 problem areas and fix them as quickly as possible.

1. Garbage Disposal

One of the obvious reasons for a musty smell lingering in your home is the clogged garbage disposal in your kitchen. The leftover food bits, built-up grease and grime can stick on it. This can harbour unpleasant odour. If you want to banish it, put a cup of ice down the garbage disposal and add half a cup of salt and turn on the water. You can also pour 1 cup of white vinegar or baking soda and run the disposal. Tip: Do not overlook the garbage disposal while sprucing up your kitchen. It is good if you clean it once or twice a week using the same trick.

2. Stinky Floor Coverings

Carpets and rugs witness daily wear and tear, especially when you have small kids and pets at home. The beverage spills, splatters, pet hair and urine, pollens, several kinds of allergens and moulds can leave your delicate floor coverings looking dirty and smelling musty. If you are experiencing a bad smell in your carpeted rooms, then thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs. Vacuum them twice a week to get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, and loose debris. To treat the stains, apply white vinegar and soapy warm water solution and blot it with a damp cloth. Repeat the process until the stain completely vanishes. Next, sprinkle baking soda and leave it overnight. This will remove stains, kill germs and banish bad odours. Make sure you vacuum it to get rid of baking soda residue. Tip: Hire professional carpet cleaners in Canberra if your carpets have moulds, mildews and other stubborn stains. They will steam clean your floor coverings and bring back its lost shine without using harsh products.

3. Dirty Dishwasher

How often you clean your dishwasher? The stuck food particles and moisture in your dish washing machine can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. This can lead to unpleasant smell. So, make sure you wipe down the inside surface of your appliance. For best possible results, fill a bowl with water and white vinegar and put it in the lower rack of your dishwasher. Run a normal cycle and click on ‘extra rinse and hot rinse (if available). It will eliminate all the lingering smell. Tip: Dip a cloth in white vinegar solution and wipe the stains and grime off your dishwasher.

4. Fully-loaded Fridge

If the funny smell is coming from your fridge, then clean it up as soon as possible. First, remove the expired food items, rotten vegetables and fruit, etc. Empty the fridge before removing spills, splatters and tough sains. Wipe down the interior using a damp cloth and vinegar solution. Clean the racks and other parts using an eco-friendly solution. To remove funky odour, you can either put a cup of coffee beans inside your fridge or roll pages into two loose paper balls and add two drops of vanilla extract. Place one in the fridge and another in the freezer.

5. Mouldy Stains in Bathroom

Mould and mildew love to grow in moisture, and a bathroom is one of the ideal places. If you smell a little musty in your bathroom, then find out black spores and treat them quickly. All you need to do is to fill a spray bottle with homemade cleaner (white vinegar +dishwashing liquid+ warm water). Spray the solution on the affected surface and leave it for an hour. Keep the windows open for proper ventilation. Then wipe the surface using a sponge and hot water. Rinse and dry the surface completely to prevent mildew growth. If you are preparing your rental property for the final inspection, hire certified end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They will clean everything, including your bathrooms and difficult-to-reach area.

6. Stinky Shoes in a Mud Room

People put their wet coats, sports equipment and stinky shoes in a mud room. So, it can linger bad odours if you over the cleaning process. Apart from keeping the mudroom tidy, make sure you wash your dirty coats and get rid of stink from your shoes using baking soda. Let them soak overnight and clean the shoes the next morning. Regular cleaning of this particular area will also keep the dust and germs at bay.

7. Dirty Bed Sheets

There is no denying the fact that bed sheets collects a lot of dust, absorbs your body oil and sweat. This can harbour germs, bacteria and unpleasant odour. So, it is good to wash your bed sheet once a week. Use hot water to kill bacteria. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.


These are 7 problem areas where bad smell can linger and spread around your house. It is good to keep your house clean and keep checking these areas, especially if you are living in a rental property. Those who are moving out can hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra and get your bond money back.