7 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

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7 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

By : Angelina

No one can deny the fact that hardwood flooring is the most elegant home staple that amplifies the overall beauty of any living space. Shiny and finely-finished hardwood floors make the home feel unique and warm.

Though, these floors can last for years with proper care, they can also be ruined easily if you are cleaning in a wrong way. You need to be very careful because it is comparatively more expensive than the carpets and rugs. Make sure you follow the right cleaning procedure.

If you are at the end of your tenancy and don’t know how to get started with the cleaning process, then consider hiring professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They know how to clean hardwood floors, tiles, countertops, sink, cabinets and other surfaces within the premises in a given time frame.

But if you are running low on budget and want to clean your hardwood floors thoroughly, then avoid the following 7 mistakes. These could ruin your beautiful and elegant wooden floorings and also create problems in getting your full bond money back after the final inspection.

Let’s get started!

1. Using Abrasive Cleaning Products

No wonder commercial cleaning products work effectively when it comes to removing stubborn stains. In fact, many homeowners use these products to get rid of nasty stains out of their elegant hardwood floorings.

But do you know abrasive cleaners can damage the finishing of your wooden floors? These cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can destroy the layer of your finishing – leaving it looking dull and drained.

Instead, you can prepare a homemade cleaner using your dishwashing soap and warm water and saturate a clean microfiber cloth in it. Now wipe off the floors and blot spills as soon as possible. This cleaning trick will preserve the beauty of your wooden floorings for years if you do it regularly.

2. Polishing With Wax

Many people ruin their hardwood floors by using wax on it. There is a myth that wax can attract dirt from the wooden flooring and make it look shiny and glossy. But, in reality, irregular use of wax on floors can destroy the layers of your finishing.

So, it is better to avoid using wax or floor buffer to get rid of dust, dirt and grime from your hardwood floors. You can use a mild cleaning agent to bring back the lost shine of your floorings.

3. Using White Vinegar or Ammonia

Of course, vinegar is the best natural cleaner, but don’t use it to clean your hardwood floors. Vinegar has some acidic properties that can destroy your floors. Similarly, ammonia contains such acids that can eat away at your finishing.

Both the ingredients could make your floors look dull and blotchy. So, it is good to avoid using them on hardwood floors.

4. Using Excess Amount of Water for Floor Mopping

Using excess water on hardwood flooring could be your biggest cleaning mistake. There is no harm in using water, but excess amount will leave the floors damaged, especially when you don’t know the right mopping procedure.

When you clean with a pool of water, it gets into the cracks between planks and steadily damages your floors. It will start rotting and become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. So, it is good to use little water while mopping your floors.

If there is a stain, try spot cleaning using a mild detergent. Spray it on the affected area and mop it using a microfiber cloth.

Tip: Hire local-friendly cleaners in Canberra if you don’t have enough time for thorough cleaning. They will come fully-equipped with floor cleaning tools to give you quality results at the best price.

5. Steam Cleaning

Believe it or not! Steam cleaners can ruin the exterior layer of the wooden floor and make it look pale. The excessive moisture and heat will not only damage your finishing but also affect the wood beneath.

If you are also making the same mistake, then your floor is already damaged. Now you need a new floor for your home.

Tip: It is better to leave such cleaning tasks to the cleaning professionals in Canberra who have years of experience in sprucing up different types of floors and other hard surfaces.

6. Wrong Technique of Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is beneficial in fetching loose dirt mites, dust particles, hairs, dead skin and other dry containments from the floor. But using this machine with the wrong attachment could leave scratches on your floors. So, make sure the attachment is suitable for the hardwood floor cleaning purpose.

Also, invest in the best quality of mop because not all mops are appropriate for cleaning the wooden flooring. A wrong one could scratch and ruin your wood. So, do your thorough research and find the most suitable mop according to your needs.

7. Apply Cleaning Products Directly

Many of us directly apply the cleaning products on the hardwood floors – which could ruin its wood. Instead of using it directly, it is good to mix it with water before applying it on the floor. Clean it using a microfiber cloth to avoid excess liquid from getting inside the cracks.

Use this technique and make your wooden flooring look sparkling clean.


Maintaining the hardwood floors for years can be challenging. If you are also making these mistakes, then rectify it as soon as possible. You can remove stains, spills and mould from wooden flooring using mild cleaning products.

If you are running at the end of your tenancy, then consider hiring experts for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They will spruce up the entire premises from top to bottom, including the hardwood floors using right techniques and green products.