7 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your House Ready For Guests

young woman disinfecting a household surface

7 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your House Ready For Guests

By : Angelina
Maintaining regular household hygiene is challenging for many people due to busy and stressful lives. You can have work commitments, children, someone to care for or other responsibilities that leave little to no time to clean your house. Thus, it starts to look cluttered and messy all the time, making your home smelly and unwelcoming for visitors.

You should hire professional cleaners to deep clean your house routinely or end of lease cleaners in Canberra when moving out of a rental property to get a complete bond refund. But, to keep your house ready for guests anytime, apply these seven cleaning hacks and spruce your home in a few minutes.

Light Scented Candles or Use Essential Oils

One of the signs of a clean home is it smells good, which is why make your home smell divine and inviting by lighting scented candles a few minutes before the guests arrive.

Alternatively, you can use essential oils to make your home fragrant. Add a few drops of lemon, orange, eucalyptus or any other anti-microbial essential oil of choice in a diffuser. You can also add essential oil to a cleaning solution you use to sanitise different household surfaces, fixtures or objects.

Use Baking Soda Before Vacuuming

Refresh carpets, upholstery, floors, beddings, couches and almost any other surface quickly with baking soda. Sprinkle the powder on an area and let it absorb the dirt, grime or smells for at least 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, remove the powder using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, and you will have a neat and odour-free surface instantly.

Green end of lease cleaners in Canberra use natural and organic cleaning agents to sanitise household surfaces effectively and efficiently. Thus, you can clean quickly with baking soda like a pro.

Remove Trash & Clutter

Spruce any room instantly by removing clutter and garage from it. Get rid of wrappers, paper scraps, dirty laundry, and other clutter. Throw trash in a dustbin or garbage bag to dispose of it responsibly.

Sort the remaining clutter by washing laundry, keeping things at the right place, organising household items and discarding things you haven’t used for more than six months.

Create A Cleaning Station

Instead of running around the house to get different cleaning supplies, make a station to store essential cleaning tools and equipment in one place. This way you can save a lot of time and energy cleaning because everything you need is nearby.

Thus, whenever there is a spill, stain or mess, you can clean immediately and keep your house ready for guests at all times. Removing spots and stains immediately helps prevent them from becoming suborn and difficult to remove.

Make a Homemade Cleaner

Mix white vinegar and warm water in equal proportions in a spray bottle, bucket or any other container. Add one-two teaspoons dishwashing liquid to this solution and 5-10 drops of essential oil of choice.

You can use this cleaner to sanitise almost any surface or fixture in your house not made of natural stone like marble, granite etc. This cleaner is easy to make, economical and effective, which is why you can use it to clean windows, floors, tiles, mirrors, sink and much more.

Vacuum Common Areas

Vacuum common areas like the living room, kitchen, bathroom etc., to spruce your home fast. It will help remove dust, dirt and debris from countertops, floors, carpets, windows, doors, tracks and frames.

Since these are high traffic areas, they are exposed to more contaminants than other areas and need routine cleaning. By vacuuming these areas, you reduce allergens and pollutants and significantly increase your house’s indoor air ambience.

Dust Top To Bottom & In A Circular Pattern

Want to dust a room in a jiffy? Try this professional technique experienced end of lease cleaners in Canberra use to effectively and efficiently remove pollutants from household areas.

When you clean surfaces/fixtures top to bottom the contaminants fall down, preventing you from re-contaminating cleaned areas. Thus, you save a ton of time, energy and effort while getting excellent results.

In addition, move in a circular pattern from right to left while dusting a room to remember which areas you have tended to and need to clean. You can use this technique while vacuuming, decluttering and doing other cleaning tasks in a room too.


The feeling of entering a clean and tidy home is unparalleled not just for the residents but also for guests.

Therefore, you should maintain household hygiene at all times. But, it is easier said than done due to work or personal commitment, but with the cleaning hacks shared above, you can keep your house ready for guests anytime. To ease your burden further, you can hire professional cleaners for house cleaning or end of lease cleaning in Canberra, as per requirement.