7 Brilliant Ways To Remove Dust Mites In Your House

young woman disinfecting a surface with a spray

7 Brilliant Ways To Remove Dust Mites In Your House

By : Angelina
From tiny insects to dust pollens and allergens, a dirty home has the potential to invite allergies, asthma, and other health-related issues, such as respiratory disorders and itchy eyes. The invisible or tiny flakes of dust can drastically affect the indoor air quality. Dust mites can be found in the messy and grimy areas where you spend most of your time, such as carpets, mattresses, upholstery furniture, rugs, etc. They love to harbour in dark and humid environments. Make sure you regularly clean your house to get rid of dust mites. Apart from frequent sprucing, it is important to focus on special attention to the areas where dust particles, pollens and allergens love to hide and grow. You can also consider hiring trained people for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They will help you get rid of all grime, stains and bacteria from the entire property with perfection. If you want to prevent the spread dust mites in  your home, then try these 7 great cleaning hacks. Let’s Get Started!

1. Keep Your Bed Clean

Our beds collect a lot of dust, dirt and bacteria on a regular basis. This can invite dust mites if you don’t clean them. That’s why it is good to change the bedsheet and other linens thrice a week to keep them under control. Make sure you change and clean the dirty bedsheets in hot water to get rid of allergens and germs. Also, vacuum your mattress twice a week as this could be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

2. Minimise Clutter

A messy or cluttered home can harbour lethal germs, bacteria and of course, dust mites. So, make sure you keep your abode clutter-free as much as possible. Keep collectibles in boxes and storage cabinets.  You can also ask your kids to assist you in this chore. Make it a fun activity for them by setting a timer. The whole purpose is to get rid of mess so that your home looks clean and organised. Make this a regular practice to avoid harmful germs and allergens.

3. Vacuum Your Carpets and Upholstery Furniture

Do not forget to remove accumulated dust particles, dirt, grime, loose contaminants and mites from your floor coverings and furniture. Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to fetch the specks of dust that are embedded deep inside the carpets and rugs. Do this twice a week to keep them look clean and shiny. This practice will also improve the indoor air quality. Tip: Do not forget to take professional assistance from certified end of lease cleaners in Canberra to impress your fussy landlord.

4. Reduce Humidity Level

Dust mites hide and grow on warm and moist surfaces. It is good to wipe steamy bathroom walls, shower glasses and basements clean and moist-free. Also, check for leaky taps, damp crawl spaces, pipes and clogged drains. Also, use a hydrometer to decide the humidity level and try to keep it below 50 % to control dust mites and allergens in the house. You can minimise the humidity level by using a dehumidifier. Apart from this, keep the windows open for 10 minutes. Check clothes dryer vents and ensure proper ventilation in bathroom and other moist areas.

5. Wash Fabrics in Hot Water

Do not forget to wash clothes, drapes, curtains and other fabrics in hot water. It should be between 130 degrees to 140 degrees F to kill dust mites and dead skin particles. Make this a habit and clean your clothing twice or thrice a week to get rid of mites, allergens and pollens.

6. Kill Mites with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil Spray

Tea tree oil works wonder in killing germs, bacteria and dust mites from almost all surfaces. It is a natural antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil that can fight against mould and mildew. All you need to do is to mix two cups of distilled water with two tablespoons of eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Eucalyptus oil can help you get rid of bugs in a natural way. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it on your furniture, pillows and bed.

7. Install Hard Flooring

If you don’t get time for carpet vacuuming, then switch them with hard floorings. This is one of the best ways to reduce dust mites, allergens and pollens in the house. If possible, install laminate, tile and linoleum flooring because they can be cleaned easily. Tip: If your budget is not allowing this, you can vacuum it regularly or buy carpet sprays to get rid of dust mites. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners in Canberra to achieve the best results.


These seven tips will help you reduce the dust mites, allergens and pollens in your abode. If you are preparing the rental property for a final inspection, then hire professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Canberra and secure your bond money.