6 Things In Your House That Are Causing Sickness

sick woman lying on couch and clearing her nose with tissue

6 Things In Your House That Are Causing Sickness

By : Angelina

Quite often, even the most health-conscious families in Canberra are faced with challenges concerning the growing frequency of illnesses. And even after dodging the apparent external offensive elements, the rate of sickness refuses to drop. In such cases, you must pause and think – Is your indoor environment making you sick? Most likely, the answer would be a yes.

There is a multitude of organisms and allergens dwelling in the nooks and crannies of your house that makes you prone to illness. As a result, there is a growing demand for professional cleaning companies in Canberra to combat the situation.
It is crucial to recognise the contaminants lurking in the unsuspected sections of your house. Here are some most probable sites for home pollutants and how to get rid of them.

1. HVAC Ducts

Every home counts on the air conditioning systems for maintaining a cozy and comfortable living environment. These units are, however, guilty of putting your health at grave risk. The water confined in the ducts of the AC renders perfect breeding ground to the dust, mould and bacteria. Legionella bacteria responsible for causing severe lung infection is also known to flourish in these HVAC ducts.

However, cleaning the air conditioning systems is a complicated task best left to an experienced cleaning company in Canberra. They have the best techniques and equipment to clean the air-ducts and ensure that the air you inhale is clear and irritant-free.

2. The Carpets

Your luxurious and pricey possession, the door-to-door carpet enhances the interiors of the home space. But, even the clean carpets are known to hide dirt, dander, fungus and other irritants. It’s never possible to keep the furry animals away from your carpets completely. They are likely to shed hair that gets embedded in the carpet material over a period.
Dusting and vacuuming them regularly assures that the carpets remain in good condition for a long time. However, the tough to reach entrapped debris needs to be removed from the layers of the carpets with the help of heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

3. The Bathroom

The humidity and warm temperature inside the bathroom make it an easy target for moulds and bacteria to thrive. Additionally, there is an unimaginable number of bacterial colonies thriving on the bathtubs, basins, taps, toilets, door handles and the angles of the shower floor.

It is essential to keep the bathroom mopped and dried at all times to maintain a healthy environment in the house. You can also plan a periodic cleaning of all the bathrooms with professional cleaners who know the intricacies of the sterilisation process.

4. The Household Cleaning Products

The supermarket shelves are overloaded with the strategically-placed and heavily advertised domestic cleaning products. On reading the labels carefully, you will find that they contain some of the most hazardous chemical compounds. These fume-filled chemicals put your family at risk of developing several health issues like neurotoxicity and various forms of cancers.
It is vital to avoid using such cleaners and resort to eco-friendly cleaning solutions like lime, vinegar and baking soda. In case you are planning to hire a professional cleaning company for your home, check whether they employ all green and biodegradable products.

5. The Refrigerator

The leftover food stored in the refrigerators for future use may sometimes remain there for weeks at a stretch. Learn that the decaying fruits and grocery on your refrigerator shelves, along with the much-neglected door handles often nurture many disease-causing germs.

There are high chances that these microbes will sneak into the fresh food and form a perfect recipe to jeopardise your health. It is essential to thoroughly wash the fresh produce under running water before placing it in the refrigerator. Clean and sanitise the door handles and dust off the coils carefully.

Wash the trays and difficult-to-reach corners with warm soapy water and baking soda. Get in touch with the trained cleaners in Canberra who employ safe products and deep-rooted cleaning methods.

6. The Bedsheets and Pillowcases

Various bugs and mites thrive on the warmth and moisture of our bodies when they come in contact with the bed and pillow covers. Stats reveal that an average household pillow may accumulate approximately 1.2 million bacteria within four weeks of washing.

For those who have asthma and other allergic diseases, this load is sufficient to cause a grave sensitivity reaction. Thus, it is crucial to make it a routine to wash the pillow and bed covers weekly. Drying them thoroughly to eliminate any retained moisture is also essential.


A solid cleaning routine works wonders in quashing the bacterial ecosystem of your house. Especially those who have allergic conditions or a compromised immune system must seek the help of reputable cleaning companies like Bond Cleaning In Canberra to ensure absolute safety and health.