6 Minor Cleaning Mistakes That Cause Tenants To Lose Bond Money

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6 Minor Cleaning Mistakes That Cause Tenants To Lose Bond Money

By : Angelina

One of the most stressful things for a tenant moving out of a rental property is to wait for the final verdict on the security deposit. And there is a logical reason for the stress. In most of the cases, the tenants either do not get the bond money back, or they only get a partial amount.

According to the experts, this happens due to small things that tenants in Barton often overlook during their stay such as substandard cleaning, which is often the most common factor. Thus, it is essential to talk to your landlord/property manager and see if they can recommend any bond cleaning company in Barton.

When you do the cleaning, there is always a chance that you will miss out on something, which a professional won’t. However, if you don’t have any option other than doing it yourself, this post can be useful. Try to avoid these mistakes that make tenants lose their rental bond. Let’s have a look.

1. Forgotten Exhaust Fans And Filters

Exhaust fans and filters are one of the most hidden things in a property that quickly get dirty. This is because they are prone to attracting oil and grease in the kitchen and lint and dust in the bathrooms. You should not overlook their cleaning because the inspection agents keep a close watch on them while preparing property condition report.

So, do not forget to clean the fan, its mesh and the filters. To remove the oil stains and grease from the blades of the fan, use a mixture of ammonia, baking soda and hot boiling water. You can also use cleaning agents like lemons and white vinegar.

2. Dishwasher And Oven cleaning

You should never forget that the property managers often look inside the dishwasher and oven while inspecting a property. Thus, make sure that your dishwasher is not dirty and does not have any food particles. Your oven must be free from grease and oil and food splatters.

People usually hire professional bond cleaners to clean these things, and it is the right approach because they have the technical knowledge and sufficient experience to deal with such problems. A good bond cleaning company might charge you a decent amount as fee, but it gives you the chance to get back the entire bond money.

3. Pet-Related Problems

People who have pets in their rental property should take extra care while cleaning the house. This is because it is a daunting task to clean the pet hair, which is usually all over the place, particularly on the carpets and door tracks. And if you don’t clean these places regularly, the house starts to stink.

The unwanted smell of dirty carpets can annoy the inspection agent. If that happens, you are most likely to lose a hefty amount from your bond money. To get rid of the pet hair, you need a vacuum cleaner. Properly clean all those places where your pet spends maximum time. Give special attention to your carpets and keep them on the top of your cleaning checklist.

4. Mould Issues

This is another issue that you should tackle as soon as you notice it in your rental property. Otherwise, it will be too late, and you will end up paying a big amount from your bond money. Mould problem is caused due to the excess moisture in the walls.

Factors like leaking pipes and rain seeping in due to the damaged roof are responsible for the excess moisture on the walls. Thus, the moment you notice it, inform the property manager and discuss the problem. If it requires repair work of a particular portion that can stop the growth of mould, get it done.

Mould growth is a serious issue, so you should not take it lightly. It is advisable to hire the services of professional and experienced bond cleaners in Barton, who have all the required knowledge and tools to get rid of mould from your house.

5. Damage And Marks On Walls And Doors

Another massive mistake that causes tenants to lose bond money is the negligence of cleaning and maintaining the walls and doors. Any damage caused during the stay is considered as wear and tear, and this will give your property manager all the right to deduct the amount from the security deposit.

When the property manager inspects the property, clean and well-maintained walls, doors, and windows play a crucial role. Thus, experts always recommend taking pictures when you enter and prepare an entry condition report. This is important so that no one can blame you for any damage which is already there.

6. Cleaning Of Kitchen And Bathroom

The Kitchen and the bathroom are the two most used places in the house, but we don’t clean them as often as we should and keep it for the last moment. Cleaning these two places is challenging because there are different surfaces and too many things to clean.

But unfortunately, the property manager always inspects these places thoroughly and finds some flaws. Thus, they get the right to deduct a portion of the security deposit. Hiring a professional bond cleaner in Barton is the best option to clean these places as they have modern tools and experience.


Getting the bond money back is an achievement because it requires flawless cleaning of the rental property. People do the cleaning but often make some mistakes and give the landlords/property managers the chance to withhold the bond money. While cleaning the house, avoid these six mistakes to get back your entire security deposit.