5 Tips to Deal with Your Messy Roommate

Two roommates are arguing

5 Tips to Deal with Your Messy Roommate

By : Angelina

Having a roommate is an amazing experience. You get a friend who doesn’t let you feel lonely, and also a partner, who shares the renting cost as well as other expenses with you. But what if your roommate is messy? It is not easy to overlook dishes piled up in the kitchen sink, clothes scattered all over the living room, toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, dirt on the floor, etc.

Hiring trained professional cleaners in Canberra is perhaps the easiest way to tackle this problem. However, first, you need to sort it out yourself. Here are five useful tips to deal with your messy roommate. Have a look!

1. Do Not Set Your Expectations Too High

If you are living with your roommate, you should not set your expectations too high, particularly when it comes to cleaning. You need to understand that your roommate comes from a different family with different values. So, there is always a possibility that the definition of cleanliness is different for you and your roommate.

It’s very important to keep a bathroom clean to stay healthy. A few stains on your bathroom sink or toilet pot can be very dirty for you, but it might not be a problem for your partner. So, you need to compromise a little bit. If you keep your expectations low, it will be easy for you to deal with the situation. Otherwise, you can get easily frustrated.

2. Try to Talk To Your Roommate

If your roommate is messy, you might need to have a conversation with the person. Discuss the problems you are facing and the things that are bothering you. Your roommate might understand the issues and gradually change the habit.

However, you need to make sure that you stay calm and do not make any angry accusations. If you yell at your roommate, the chances are high that your partner won’t listen to your problems. Make the person realise that you are having a genuine problem with the mess.

This is a great time to observe the perception of your room partner about the cleanliness in the room. Both of you can also agree to do a deep room cleaning every week by following a cleaning checklist or hire trained cleaners in Canberra. Things can get solved with a simple conversation, so try to have a mature discussion.

3. Exchange the Cleaning Chores

If you have already divided the cleaning chores but your roommate is still making a mess, it is time to re-arrange the tasks. Here, you need to focus on the person’s strengths and weaknesses.

For some people, mopping the floor can be a challenging task while for others it is not a big deal. If your room partner is not good at organising things but likes to clean the dishes, offer the task of dishes with cleaning the kitchen to the person. This move can bring a lot of change in the cleaning standards of the house.

If the house is not properly clean and it bothers you too much, you might need to take the primary responsibility. If you are ready for this compromise, you might not get mad on your roommate.

4. Flaunt Your Cleaning Skills

Your roommate can be messy, but that doesn’t mean you also have to be untidy or always blame the other person. You can simply keep your side of the room completely clean and if the room partner is spreading clutter, then pile it on the other side.

Your partner is most likely to notice the change and feel jealous about it. This jealousy can give your roommate the motivation to clean it up and match your level of cleanliness.

5. Discuss About Hiring Professionals

If your roommate is messy, you might need to take the responsibility of cleaning. But what if you have a busy schedule? In this scenario, you can have a discussion with your partner about hiring end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They have an experienced team of professionals who have the knowledge and advanced tools to clean your room flawlessly. To keep the room spick and span, you can contact them every fortnight.


To deal with your messy roommate, you don’t have to start an argument every time you see something dirty or look for a new roommate. You can maturely deal with the situation using the tips mentioned above. Instead of changing the room partner or the house, make efforts to improve the level of cleanliness in your home.