5 Questions to Ask when Hiring Commercial Cleaners

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5 Questions to Ask when Hiring Commercial Cleaners

By : Angelina

Maintaining a neat and clean commercial space has become an inevitable part of a business. A sterile working environment not only leaves a positive impression but also boosts the productivity of employees. Undeniably, everyone wants to work in a well-organised firm, and that is the reason why business leaders are hiring professional commercial cleaners in Canberra. They have ultimate level of potential to keep your office space clean and dust-free.

The innovative techniques and resources used by professional cleaners have been encouraging people to outsource proper office cleaning service at the most competitive price. However, the entire procedure of choosing a reliable option may annoy you. But, with the use of right strategies and a bunch of few questions, you can hit on the right spot. Once you are done with your research process, make sure you head towards the next step.

You may have some doubts that you need to clear before hiring commercial cleaners in Canberra. So, go ahead and ask! Below are the five questions that will help you with hiring right company for your office cleaning chores:

1.  What Are Your Commercial Cleaning Rates?

Having a better clarity about the actual cleaning rates is one of the best ways that can help you conduct a reasonable cleaning job. You should be aware of the charges that are being levied on you in return for commercial cleaning. Don’t just focus on the rates, also ask for the type of service you are going to be outsourcing.

Do they offer packages? Have they ameliorated their pricing policies to ensure an optimum level of cleaning satisfaction? How many employees will be coming to clean my office and how long will it take?Ask everything that hits your mind while hiring a reliable team of commercial cleaners in Canberra.

Tip: Don’t forget to request a free quote on your commercial cleaning service.

2.  What Includes in Your Office Cleaning?

In the hustle of getting your commercial space cleaned and provide a safe and healthy workspace for your employees, you may have forgotten about asking the comprehensive cleaning package from the team of cleaners. This may leave you in chaos.

It is imperative for you to hire a company that offers a complete office cleaning solution and covering every inch of your workspace, from carpets to windows, reception to workstations, conference room to a canteen, washrooms to high-foot-traffic areas.

Everything should be covered if you want to maintain a cleanliness aspect of your office.  It is worth asking this question, especially if you want a specific kind of service, such as carpet cleaning or window cleaning.

3.  How Long Have You Been in This Industry?

Choosing a company with a long history of delivering quality work is worth than hiring a young cleaning firm that doesn’t have reliable records to prove themselves as promising cleaners. It is always good to compare the work experience of the different cleaning companies before making the final decision.

Make sure you choose a one that holds great expertise in delivering all types and sizes of commercial cleaning services across the Canberra. The experience and work quality are two different things that can provide you with successful results.

4.  Are You Insured?

In case your commercial possessions have been lost or broken during the cleaning process, then make sure you are financially covered against the loss. If you don’t want to face this scenario, it is imperative for you to verify the coverage against the damage of your commercial belongings or property with the company you are hiring for office cleaning.
Almost all professional and experienced commercial cleaning companies are fully-insured. Sit back and relax while letting them clean your workplace with utmost care.

5.  Do You Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Most of the people forget to ask this question and then suffer because of harmful chemical-based cleaning products and their reactions. Cleaning solutions prone to toxic chemicals are not safe for both the human lives as well as the environment.

It may cause some serious infections and diseases – which can directly affect your employee’s work efficiency and productivity. You should take care of this aspect and choose a company that strives on following green-clean policy. It is good to hire a cleaning firm that uses environmentally safe products without dreadful toxins and bad odours.

Note: Create a checklist of all the questions you want to ask. This will help you choose the suitable option for your office cleaning. Always opt for a company that emulates the following traits:

  • A company that offers custom-made cleaning service
  • Use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products
  • That provides flexibility
  • Provide you with genuine references
  • Have at least 8 to 10 years of experience
  • Provide you no-obligation free quote
  • Robust customer support
  • Transparent pricing policy.


There is nothing wrong in clearing your doubts before paying the price for your professional office cleaning. Do ask these questions before hiring commercial cleaners in Canberra. Hope you have a stress-free office cleaning.