5 Important Tips to Motivate Your Children to Clean their Rooms

mother and daughter sitting and wiping room floor with rag

5 Important Tips to Motivate Your Children to Clean their Rooms

By : Angelina

Kids will always make their own choices but using rewards and appreciation to motivate them and supplying them with the necessary tools to take care of themselves and their space is what parents should do. It is usual to see kids ignoring or throwing a fit about cleaning their rooms.

It is incredibly frustrating to deal with kids who don’t take care of their space or rooms. Child’s lack of cleanliness is often coupled with behaviour changes but treating it at the right time is vital for parents. Remember that most kids go through a messy phase and it has nothing to do with your parenting, hence do not blame yourself and start applying the right strategies to make them understand the importance of cleanliness.

Most of the kids are resistant to the cleaning tasks and typically refuse to clean their rooms. They are so immersed in their lives that they don’t want to look beyond it. Parents must start teaching skills to them and don’t expect them to be perfectionists in few days. Do not push your kids towards it as the more you will try to control and drive them, the more they will refuse to do what you are asking which will leave you feeling drained, angry and frustrated.
Hence giving them motivation becomes necessary to get things done. Teaching kids to clean their rooms can be a challenge, and cleaning a house messed up by kids can be very tricky and tiring, that’s why hiring expert Cleaners in Canberra is the ideal solution.
Try these 5 important tips to Motivate Your Children to clean their Rooms:

1. Set a Good Example

Kids are far more sensitive and adaptive to what we say to them. Kids always follow what the people around them do. They tend to grasp the qualities and habits that their parents and family members exhibit. The first step is to set a good example for your kids. It is important for the parents to have a positive attitude in general and towards the cleanliness of your house.

Demonstrate them how it’s done and they will try to follow up. Join your kids in their cleaning and show them how a task can be done using more accessible methods. Ask them to participate a little in everything you are doing, this will give them an idea of how things are done, and they will learn essential skills. It will give you more time to spend with them and will also make your bond with your kids stronger.

2. Stop Cleaning their Rooms

Teach your kids the rules of cleaning and let them learn. If your kids are old enough, then let them do the cleaning themselves. If your daughter is in her teenage and still you are making her bed then probably she will never learn to do it by herself. It is seen that parents continue cleaning their kid’s rooms even after they have grown up. You need to stop doing that so that kids can start doing it.

3. Let the Tasks be Fun

Instead of negatively reinforcing tasks on them, a happy and fun approach will help kids enjoy cleaning. Switch to their favourite music and let them dance along with the cleaning so that they can enjoy the whole process. Give your kids different tasks and create a schedule which can motivate them.
Instead of nagging your kids, encourage them to get the tasks done positively. Get your kids some interesting work charts with the cleaning schedules on them. Ask them to tick boxes for the tasks completed so that they look forward to filling it up after every task is done. For smaller kids, create some game plan and tell them about small treats they will get in between the stuff in the room while cleaning.

4. Take a Five-step Approach to clean a Room in Ten Minutes

Teach them sustainable strategies step by step in which the child can adapt easy cleaning techniques about getting a room in order. Ask them to take the following five-step approach to clean their room in ten minutes maximum:

Clear and make the bed

The first step is to clear everything off from the bed. A clean bed makes any room look cleaner which will inspire to clean further. Making the bed should be the first step in cleaning the room.

Put all clothes on the bed

Collect all the outfits thrown here and there in the room, place it all in a pile and keep it aside in the room. Ask your kids to collect all the stuff with which the floor is littered such as clothing, toys, food packets, and trash.

Gather Items that belong in the room.

Ask your kids next to sort out the things and keep them in their respective baskets. Ask them to keep useful things in the room and take out whatever is unnecessary. This will cut down the trash from littering here and there.

Ask them to place things that do not belong in the room such as plates, cups, equipment etc. outside the door in a separate basket. Repeat this method until the only thing left on the floor is trash.

Get rid of the Trash
Now the floor must be having only trash. Place a Trash Can just outside the room and ask your children to toss everything that is part of the garbage.

Separate the clothing
Now ask them to sort out the pile of clothes. Check what is clean and what is dirty. Make two separate piles. Put clean clothes in the clean pile, and dirty clothing into the messy pile, which will be taken to the laundry room.

5. Appreciate their Efforts

Everyone likes few words of appreciation, whether they are children or adults. It always works positively for everyone and especially kids. It is important for them to know that their efforts are not vain and they are doing a good job.
Giving rewards occasionally is a good thing, however, be careful about luring your kids toward gifts every day. Don’t reward them every time they clean up their room or help you with laundry. It is something that should be inculcated in children that doing household chores or assisting parents in any tasks is part of duties of every family member.

Else, children will develop the habit that every time they will help in completing a task or asked to do something, they should be rewarded. In fact, if you will appreciate their efforts, they will feel confident and motivated.
You can say some nice motivating things to them or can praise their skills if they have done a task well. You can also put starts on the colourful schedule chart which will make kids feel appreciated and respected.


It is not easy to teach kids the proper methods of cleaning, especially if they are too young. But it’s your responsibility as a parent to provide the skills and the opportunity to clean their room so that cleanliness doesn’t become a challenge for them when they grow up. Kids can make a mess of their rooms frequently and the house cleaning every time gets tiring.

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