12 Simple Move Out Cleaning Tips

12 Simple Move Out Cleaning Tips

By : Angelina
Vacating a property is challenging and stressful for every renter. You have to complete a host of tasks, and it can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Therefore, you must streamline your work and focus on completing move-out cleaning, also known as bond cleaning Canberra. Renters are obligated to keep and leave their rental properties in the same condition they were in at the start of a tenancy. If they fail to do so, renters can lose their bond partially or completely.

Since move-out cleaning is a time-consuming task that requires expertise, many people hire professionals for bond cleaning in Canberra, and you can do the same. However, if you plan a DIY bond clean, you must know important move-out cleaning insights.

Thus, listed below are 12 simple bond cleaning tips every renter should know. Have a look.

1. Refer to the Original Condition Report

A common mistake first-time renters can make is not referring to the property condition report before cleaning the rental property. It can lead to many issues because you have to ensure the rental areas are in the same state they were in at the start of a tenancy. You can overlook fair wear and tear, but if an area is dirty beyond expected wearing, you must clean and sanitise it to return it to its original condition.

2. Know What Basic Things Rental Providers Expect

If you hire professionals for bond cleaning in Canberra, they know what rental providers expect from it. However, if you are doing it yourself, here are some basic end-of-lease cleaning requirements.

  • The entire property, including the exterior areas, must be cleaned and dusted.
  • No trash in the house/unit
  • No belongings should be left on the property
  • No lingering hairs and pet fur
  • Ensure all included appliances (oven, microwave or refrigerator) are clean
  • Prefer getting carpets cleaned professionally.
  • Get pest control done if you have pets.
  • 3. Create a Cleaning Calendar

    To avoid confusion or delays, get a calendar to mark the cleaning tasks you must complete daily. A DIY end of lease clean can take a few days or a week since you don’t have the expertise to get tasks done faster. If you hire professionals for bond cleaning in Canberra, they can complete the entire cleaning within 8 hours.

    4. Start Cleaning After the Property is Empty

    To perform successful bond cleaning in Canberra, ensure you have moved your things. It will help remove hindrances and allow you to clean areas you couldn’t earlier due to furniture, electronics or other large items. If you book a professional cleaning service, they will also ask whether the property will be empty on the job date before booking.

    5. Perform One Cleaning Task at a Time

    If you are dusting, make sure to dust fixtures and surfaces in all rooms before starting another bond cleaning task. It will help you save time and energy while cleaning because you are not starting over while cleaning each room. Additionally, you save cleaning products and don’t need to switch cleaning tools.

    6. Don’t Forget to Clean the Baseboards/Skirtings

    Baseboards/skirtings protect walls from scuff marks, spots and stains. Therefore, they can get dirtier than walls and need proper cleaning.

    Therefore, after you are done spot-cleaning walls, wipe these surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth. Soap and water will remove most smudges and stains on baseboards/skirting. For stubborn or old stains, use a magic eraser to add rubbing alcohol to your soap and water solution.

    7. Remove Cobwebs & Dust Ceilings

    It’s common to overlook hard-to-reach areas in your home while cleaning. However, if you have dust and cobwebs on the ceiling or higher fixtures, you may need to reclean or have money deducted from your security deposit. Thus, pay attention to these areas while performing bond cleaning in Canberra.

    8. Unclog & Sanitise Drains

    Drains are often the prime culprits behind sewer smells in the home. They can get clogged due to dirt, grime, soap scum and other contaminants. Clogged drains develop biofilms where illness and odour-causing bacteria breed rapidly. Dirty drains attract pests and also increase risk of bacterial infections. Therefore, using a spider brush, remove gunk from the drains and then sanitise them with bleach.

  • Pour boiling water into the drain, followed by a cup of bleach
  • Cover the drains and wait for 30 minutes
  • Lastly, wash the drains again with boiling water
  • 9. Pay Extra Attention to the Kitchen & Bathroom

    These rooms are the dirtiest in your home. They need extra attention while you perform bond cleaning in Canberra because often tenants lose their rental bonds because these rooms are inadequately cleaned. Therefore, create separate kitchen and bathroom cleaning checklists to deeply sanitise these areas.

    10. Scrub Surfaces in A Circular Motion

    Instead of scrubbing up and down or side to side, get better results by moving in a circular motion. Making circles while scrubbing will cause a faster breakdown of grime and loosen contaminants on surfaces. Therefore, professionals use this technique while performing bond cleaning in Canberra.

    11. Clean the Oven Thoroughly

    The oven gets dirty and greasy due to repeated usage, especially when you don’t wipe it after every use. Its spills and splatters become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause bad odours. If this appliance is smelly and heavily soiled, you must deep clean it with soap, baking soda, and warm water. If you don’t have the time, book a professional service for oven cleaning in Canberra.

    12. Focus on Tracks & Frames of all Fixtures

    Check the windows, doors, shower doors, curtains, blinds and other fixtures with tracks and frames for dust, dirt and mould. During DIY cleaning, overlooking these spots is common and rental providers will look at them to ensure the house is clean. If the tracks and frames are dirty, you will be asked to reclean, or worse, money will be deducted from your security deposit.

    Wrapping Up

    Cleaning the rental premises when moving out is of utmost importance, and you must do it well to get your bond back in full. You can hire professionals to perform the bond clean. However, if you can do it yourself, keep these 12 simple move-out cleaning tips in mind.