12 Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Needs

12 Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Needs

By : Angelina
House cleaning is time-consuming and challenging for most people, so it often gets postponed. However, delaying the task is not a solution because a dirty house not only looks dull but also leads to various health issues, including infections due to bacteria. So, you need to keep your home perfectly clean all the time. There are a few ways to make the task more effective, and one of them is by using the correct cleaning products. Whether prepping for your first apartment or just improving the overall hygiene of the house, these essential cleaning products can be beneficial. You will be able to perfectly remove the stains, dirt, spills, grease, etc., from different surfaces. However, if you are moving out of the rental property at the end of the lease period, you should avoid using these cleaning products and DIY methods. Instead, hire a company that offers the best end of lease cleaning Canberra. If you want to accomplish the task yourself, you should know which product to use. Here are twelve essential cleaning products every home needs.

1. Microfibre Duster

If you want to keep your home free from dust, then you must have a microfibre duster. It will trap the dust and make house cleaning effortless. Wipe the basic surfaces in the living room and bedroom regularly to keep your home clean.

2. Ceiling Fan Duster with Extension Pole

People often neglect spots like the ceiling corner, fan blades, light fitting, etc., as are hard-to-reach spots. To clean the spots effectively and without hassles, use a ceiling fan duster with an extension pole.

3. Magnetic Window Cleaner

Cleaning outside of the windows can be difficult and risky if you are living in a high-rise building or even just on the first floor. To make the task easier, you need a smart tool like a magnetic window cleaner. It is designed in a particular way to it can clean both sides of the window glass at the same time, saving your time and energy. To clean windows professionals at the end of lease agreement, contact a professional end of lease cleaning company in Canberra.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

You must also have different types of vacuum cleaners in your home. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the floor and carpets. For small spaces like corners of your upholstery, use a hand vacuum cleaner. It is also advisable to invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner that also works even when you sleep. There are some smart vacuum cleaning hacks everyone should know.

5. Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

You should use a homemade all-purpose cleaner to clean different types of surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, living, bedroom and so on. To make the solution pour distilled white vinegar and water in equal amounts into a spray bottle. Then you can squeeze of lemon or pour a few drops of essential oil. Shake it properly and use it whenever you want.

6. Homemade Glass Cleaner

If you want your windows to look sparkling clean, add rubbing alcohol, white vinegar (both 1/4 cup), cornstarch (1 tablespoon), and water (2 cups). Mix them in a spray bottle and use the cleaner to remove dirt from shower glass, window glass and mirrors.

7. Homemade Toilet Cleaner

To clean the inside of the toilet bowl, you need baking soda and vinegar. You need to sprinkle baking soda in the toilet in a sufficient amount. Then spray the vinegar on the same surface and wait for both ingredients to react. Then use a toilet brush to scrub the surface and flush. If you cannot remove the dirt from your toilet or any other spots in your bathroom, contact trained end of lease cleaners in Canberra. They have expertise in cleaning bathrooms.

8. Oven and Microwave Cleaner

If you want to remove the grease from the inside of the oven, apply a paste of baking soda and water. Leave for at least six to eight houses before wiping the surface with a clean cloth. It is a great way to clean your oven without using any harmful chemicals. Use ‘Angry Mama’ microwave cleaner to keep the appliance clean. You can easily get it online or from any nearby market in Canberra.

9. Rubber Squeegee

When you clean any glass surface like windows, mirrors and shower glass, it is important that you give it a streak-free finish. For that, you need a rubber squeegee. After you wash the surface, use it to remove the water.

10. Scrubbing Tools

To remove stubborn stains, you must have the right scrubbing tools, such as brushes and scrubbers. You can also purchase scrubbing gloves to help clean dirty plates, tiles, sinks, bathtubs, etc.

11. Magic Eraser

It is challenging to remove pencil and crayon marks, furniture scuff marks, etc., from the wall. However, you can make things a little easier by using a magic eraser. All you need to do is dip in water and rub it on the marks until you clean them.

12. Disinfectant Wipes

Cleaning the household surface is not enough to make your home healthier. You also need to make sure that the place is free from germs and bacteria. Therefore, you need disinfectant wipes for that. You can also use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to get the job done.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your home spick and span doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need to do is make a proper schedule and use the essential cleaning products mentioned above. The products will help you to improve the hygiene level of the house. To avoid unnecessary hassles and stress, contact professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Canberra.