10 Things You Clean Too Often And Why It’s A Mistake

young woman wiping a kitchen surface with a cloth rag

10 Things You Clean Too Often And Why It’s A Mistake

By : Angelina
The process of keeping a home clean is quite overwhelming and time-taking. It is always good to have a proper plan and a complete checklist so that you don’t miss any important area. Covering all areas, including high-traffic and germ-laden spots, can help you achieve a hygienic indoor environment.

However, some people are so obsessed with cleaning that they always spruce up surfaces without thinking that excess scrubbing or spraying of products can cause damage. This cleaning mistake can shorten the lifespan of items/surfaces or furniture if you are overdoing it.

When you hire professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Canberra, they know how much scrubbing and wiping a particular surface needs to help you get the full bond back. The best part is that they bring eco-friendly cleaning products that are 100 per cent chemical-free and safe for the environment.

If you are sprucing up your home to maintain its pristine look all year round, make sure you rectify your mistake and spot over-cleaning these 10 things or areas in your abode:

1. Delicate floor coverings / Carpets

If you are using carpet cleaning solvent or foamy stain remover too often to remove spills and splatters, you may be ruining the fibres of your plush carpet.

Of course, white vinegar or mild dishwashing detergent work wonders in banishing unwanted stains and grime. But, using it too much becomes hard to rinse the soap residue, which can attract more dirt over the surface and cause dullness to your beautiful carpet or rug.

2. Wooden Furniture

You can use natural cleaning agents to clean your polished wooden furniture. However, using those products too often could leave behind the soap buildup that attracts more grime and dust.

Plus, over-scrubbing can damage the overall look of your furniture. It is always good to test your cleaning product in an inconspicuous area before removing stains and grime from wooden furniture.

Instead, you can use a specialised wood cleaner once or twice a month for its pristine shine. And always wipe the surface using a damp microfiber cloth for better outcomes.

3. Kitchen Sinks

Scrubbing the kitchen sink too often is also one of the biggest cleaning mistakes. The stainless steel needs proper cleaning, but too much scrubbing can ruin its finish, especially when using abrasive tools and products.

So, gently clean your sink whenever it needs cleaning and sanitation. You can use baking soda paste to get rid of water stains, buildup grime and grease from the kitchen sink.

4. Bathroom Mirrors

Believe it or not! Bathroom mirrors are a victim of excess humidity, both from regular steaminess and regular cleaning. If the mirror is exposed to too much humidity, you may see bubbles behind the mirror and damage the backing of the surface.

So, it is good to clean your bathroom mirror whenever needed to avoid damage due to moisture or humidity.

5. Hardwood Floors

These are the most delicate floorings, and it is important to remove hard stains, accumulated grime and dust using proper products.

Do not use products on a daily basis. Cleaning too often can make them look dull. So, instead of scrubbing or using abrasive products, you can sweep and mop the floor regularly with lukewarm water to keep it clean and shiny. It is good to do proper research and find out a complete guide to clean wood floors.

If you are preparing your rental home for the final inspection, prefer hiring trained end of lease cleaners in Canberra to get your full bond back without any dispute. They will clean everything, including your walls, windows, floors, bathrooms, kitchen areas, etc, without giving you a hint of stress.

6. Microwave

This is one of the most-loved kitchen appliances that need occasional cleaning to eliminate build-up grease, grime, food particles and germs. You don’t need to clean this appliance for sparkling results daily. Plus, do not use chemically-laden products.

You can use white vinegar and warm water solution to bring its shiny look. Make sure you deep clean your oven once or twice a month.

7. Mattress

There is no denying the fact that mattress vacuuming can control harmful allergens, dead skin, germs and dust mites in your bed. However, you should stop cleaning it too often. Instead of daily vacuuming, you can do this twice a week to keep its fibre soft and comfortable.

8. Washing Machine and Dishwasher

Do not scrub your washing machine and dishwasher too often to get rid of grime and stubborn stains. It should be cleaned whenever needed. You can remove bits of food and lose debris from the appliance daily.

Wipe down the door, filter and gasket once a week and deep clean the appliance once a month.

9. Natural Stone Surfaces

Of course, natural stone surfaces, such as marble and granite countertops and floors, need proper cleaning, but scrubbing or applying products too often can cause serious damage. If you want to maintain its beauty and shine for years, make sure you clean it whenever required using a mild detergent and a microfiber cloth.

10. Upholstery Furniture

Cleaning upholstery furniture too often can make them look dull. It is good to vacuum the couch or sofa once a week to keep the dust and allergens at bay. You can also hire professional cleaners in Canberra at least once or twice a year if you notice a musty smell or mouldy stains.


Engaging in housekeeping chores is a good habit, especially during the COVID-19 outbreaks. Make sure you sanitise the high-touch areas regularly. However, there are certain things you should avoid cleaning too often.

The list mentioned above in the article will help you maintain a clean and germ-free home without any damage or dullness. If you are at the end of your tenancy, prefer hiring trained professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra.