10 Places to Clean In Your Home before Hosting a Party

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10 Places to Clean In Your Home before Hosting a Party

By : Angelina
If you plan to host a party at your place for friends, family or colleagues, make sure your home looks sparkling clean. Your guest will feel welcomed only in a clean and organised home. Moreover, you can’t ask for a better opportunity to showcase your housekeeping skills and get an appreciation for that.

So make efforts to improve the indoor air quality and ensure your home look sparkling clean. There are some particular spots that guests usually notice as they enter your place. So, you make sure these spots do not get neglected.

If you want to stay away from the hassle and stress of dusting and scrubbing, then you can contact a company that offers reliable end of lease cleaning Canberra.

The professionals will give you the best result and let you focus on other essential party-related preparation. If you want to clean your home for the guests, prepare a checklist that must have all the essential spots.

Here are the ten places to clean in your home before hosting a party.

1. Ceiling Corners

One of the first places to clean in your home before hosting a party is your ceiling corners. This particular spot often gets neglected and, as a result, accumulates cobwebs and dust. So, use a long-handled broom or a vacuum cleaner with an extension hose to get the job done. Clean ceiling corners of all the rooms one by one.

2. Fans

You also need to get rid of the dust from the blades of ceiling fans. For that, use a step ladder to reach the fan blades and wipe all the blades one by one with a microfibre duster. It will trap all the dust and dirt present on the blade surface. If you want to clean the blades without making a mess, you can also use a pillowcase to accomplish the task.

3. Light Fixtures

When you are organising a dinner party, you need to ensure that you have enough light inside the rooms. For that, you need to clean the light fixtures of all the rooms. First, wipe the fixture to remove loose dust and then use damp cloth to get rid of the stubborn dirt. To save time and energy, you can detach the light fixture and wash it inside the dishwasher.

4. Walls

If you have kids, your walls are most likely to have spills, scuff marks, crayon marks, handprints, etc. So, if you are expecting guests, spot clean the walls with liquid soap, water, a sponge, and a magic eraser. Certified end of lease cleaners in Canberra also use similar products to remove the dirt and marks from the walls. They even know how to clean permanent marker off the wall.

5. Toilet

If you are hosting a party, your guests are most likely to use the toilet. A dirty toilet or bathroom can look bad and also stinks, which can be embarrassing for you. So, you need to clean your entire toilet and pay special attention to the toilet. Remove the stains and dirt layer by using store-bought products or home cleaner.

6. Kitchen Countertop

Guests often offer to help in the kitchen to cook meals, so you need to clean the cooking area. Particularly focus on the countertop as it accumulates a lot of dirt, dust, spills, etc. If your countertop is made of marble or other natural stone, avoid using lemon juice, vinegar, or other acidic substance. It can damage the surface. To remove stains and grease build-up, use ingredients like liquid soap and baking soda.

7. Oven

A dirty oven can produce smoke, which is the last thing you want during the party. So, make sure that you clean your oven thoroughly before hosting a party.

Although you can use store-bought oven cleaners to carry out the task, it is advisable to opt for green cleaning. If you don’t know how to clean an oven naturally, take professional help. Contact certified end of lease cleaners in Canberra to get the job done in an eco-friendly manner. They will thoroughly clean your oven inside you and make it look as clean as a new one.

8. Windows

You also need to make sure that the windows are spotless. So, from the screen, glass and frames to blinds and sills, clean everything to make your windows look perfectly clean. You can also use magnetic window cleaner to remove dirt from window glass quickly and perfectly. Professional cleaners also use such smart tools to clean the house.

9. Carpets

Clean and beautiful carpets can single-handedly elevate the beauty of your home. However, they quickly accumulate dust, dirt, stains, pet hair, etc., that not only make your home an unhealthy place but also make the carpet look dull. So use vacuum cleaner to deep clean carpet and if possible also use steam carpet cleaners. You can also contact professionals who offer the best carpet cleaning in Canberra.

10. Floor

You also need to clean the floor of your house because it also collects dust, dirt, spills, pet hair and so on. First, sweep the floor properly to remove all the loose dust and dirt. After that, get rid of the stains and finally mop the floor. Tile flooring, marble flooring and wooden floor have different cleaning techniques to know about them.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your home before hosting a party can be a stressful task. However, you can manage the stress in a much better way if you follow a checklist and clean the household places mentioned above.

To get the best possible result, contact professionals who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Canberra. They will make your home a perfect place to throw a party.