10 Daily Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Busy People

10 Daily Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Busy People

By : Angelina
Maintaining bathroom hygiene is crucial to avoid infectious and communicable diseases. Unclean and poorly disinfected surfaces and fixtures in the bathroom increase the risk of coming in contact with dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi and contracting a notifiable disease. It is more common than you think, as almost 702,000 cases of notifiable diseases were reported in 2021.

Therefore, you must regularly clean and disinfect your bathroom to keep it sanitary and safe. When ending a rental agreement, you can hire professional bond cleaners in Canberra to deep clean the bathroom and other areas of your rental property.

However, to clean the area routinely, use the following bathroom cleaning tips for busy people and manage various tasks effectively and efficiently.

1. Take Out the Trash Daily

Rubbish bins, especially without lids, are hotspots for bacteria and viruses. They contain toilet paper scraps, used sanitary products and other waste you must dispose of daily. This habit will prevent bad smells and the accumulation of harmful pathogens. Line the trash cans with disposable garbage bags to conveniently take out the trash.

Pro-tip: Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the trash can to prevent bad smells. Baking soda is a natural deodoriser that absorbs odours.

2. Have a Bathroom Cleaning Caddy

With a busy schedule, wasting time to find cleaning supplies is impractical. Even professional cleaners who offer reliable end of lease cleaning Canberra have caddies to keep cleaning products and tools on hand.

Therefore, create a simple bathroom cleaning caddy by stocking essentials like a versatile cleaner, magic eraser, microfiber cloths, sponges, brushes, disinfectant etc. Also, keep a special cleaner for the toilet, bathtub and sink to sanitise these areas without stress.

3. Keep Decluttering Every Day

Instead of sorting your bathroom contents every month, eliminate clutter by sifting through things daily and removing trash and unwanted items. Remove expired products, empty medicine cases/packs, soaps and other things simultaneously to prevent accumulation.

In addition to things of personal use, get rid of worn or torn cleaning tools, empty bottles, expired cleaners and other utility items in your bathroom.

4. Keep Drawers & Cabinets Organised

Don’t let storage units become messy by sectioning them with plastic containers and dividers. You can use trays, baskets, foldable bags, compression bags, makeup boxes etc. Aim to keep things in place by dividing cabinets and drawers by categories. Stack similar items together and organise them according to importance and usage.

Using organising tools, make cleaning drawers and cabinets easy, as you can lift them without disturbing the contents and wipe the storage unit.

5. Clean The Sink After Every Use

Maintaining cleanliness is easier than cleaning, which is why you must scrub the sink after every use. Ensure the fixture is free of toothpaste, handwash liquid, food bits, stains etc. To make cleaning the sink easy, keep a brush nearby to scrub the sink. After cleaning the sink, wash the brush with water and hang it in a safe space to dry.

6. Clean Countertops with Cleaning Wipes

Bathroom countertops get dirty easily because they get exposed to soap scum, dust, grime, makeup, spit and other stains. To clean this area without spreading germs, use cleaning wipes by Clorox, Pine-o-Cleen, or any other trusted brand.

Pro-tip: Never use a single wipe to clean the entire bathroom. Once you have cleaned the countertop, discard the wipe and use a new one to clean another area.

7. Ventilate the Bathroom

Bad odour in the bathroom is common, especially if the area remains poorly ventilated. Therefore, turn on the exhaust fan and open a window to keep the air cleaner and fresher. Additionally, install a fan to dry the surfaces/fixtures to reduce mould development and a musty smell.

8. Wipe Excess Water from the Floor

The risk of slipping and falling is higher in the bathroom when the floor is wet. Thus, invest in a rubber squeegee with a long handle to wipe the moisture immediately after you shower to clean anything. Doing this will also help prevent wet grouts that attract mould, algae and other fungi.

9. Get A Toilet Cleaning Wand & Refills

Gone are the days when you had to get a toilet cleaner and scrubber separately. Now you can clean and sanitise your toilet in minutes with a Clorox toilet wand. It has disposable scrubbing pads pre-loaded with the cleaning solution.

You can affix the pad to the wand, scrub the toilet and discard the used pad. The handle is long, giving you better control and flexibility. Therefore, you can clean the toilet effectively and efficiently like a professional bond cleaner in Sydney.

10. Apply Cleaners Before Managing Small Tasks

Special cleaners for dissolving grime, descaling, mould removal etc., need at least 5-10 minutes to work.

Therefore, you must remain productive by applying the products on dirty fixtures and completing other small tasks. You can wipe the mirrors, countertops, faucets etc., while the products dwell. It is how the professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra get work done within the deadline.

The Bottom Line

A dirty bathroom is a disaster waiting to happen because you can fall sick any time after contracting a serious infection. Therefore, keep your bathroom neat and sanitary using the tips shared above. Since the tips help save time and effort, you can maintain bathroom sanitation even when you are busy.

However, hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Canberra if you are ending a tenancy and want a pristine rental property for inspection.