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Bond Cleaning in Canberra is the top-rated company, known for offering quality cleaning services in Canberra & its suburbs. By booking with us, you get:

  • Professional End of lease Cleaning By Trained & Verified Cleaners.
  • Bond Back Guarantee (T's & C's Apply)
  • Free Re-clean in 72 Hrs If Any Issue With Cleaning
  • Free Online Quote With No Hidden Charges
  • Affordable Cleaning Packages and More.

Budget End of Lease Cleaning Canberra

Outstanding cleaning by skilled professionals!

The end of the tenancy is filled with the stress of safely moving everything from the house and then cleaning it carefully. The tenants have a lot to do as they are loaded with all the moving-related chores and cleaning duties to get their security money back. Bond Cleaning In Canberra helps out such stressed families with its unmatched end of lease cleaning in Canberra along with 100% Service Guarantee and Bond Back Guarantee for 7 Days. We also offer free re-clean in 72 hours, in case your landlord has any issues with cleaning. Our expert bond cleaners are fully insured and verified professionals who are well-versed in creating spick-and-span spaces and make all the efforts to help you get your full bond back. They are friendly and prompt to follow your instructions for best results.

Let Us Help You With Your End of Lease Cleaning So That You Can Move Out Hassle-Free

We have the best professional cleaners in Canberra who take up the responsibility of end of lease cleaning with utmost sincerity.


Our end of lease cleaners in Canberra are preferred by both households and businesses for complete cleaning of their rented property at the end of the tenancy. Here is what makes us reliable and popular.
  • Economical End of Lease Cleaning

    - Our bond cleaning services are affordable and customised according to the requirements of the customers. We give you the freedom to compare them with an obligation-free quote.
  • Bond Back Guarantee

    - We offer a Bond Back Guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply) which gives our customers a relief from stressing over the bond.
  • Quick Booking Procedure

    - We do not complicate things for our customers. You can simply book our cleaning service by filling out the web form or calling us on 02 9052 5771.
  • Customised Cleaning Packages

    - You can pick the date of cleaning depending on the time of the final inspection of your property, and get the package customised as per your needs.
  • Free Re-Clean in 72 Hrs

    - Our aim is to get your 100% bond back. If you think that we have not matched your expectations, then we offer a Free Re-clean in 72 Hrs.
  • High-Quality Cleaning

    - Our end of lease cleaners in Canberra are equipped with modern tools and supplies that allow them to match the industry standards.
  • Additional Cleaning Services

    - We offer a variety of cleaning services that can be opted along with the end of lease cleaning, such as carpet steam cleaning and oven and BBQ cleaning.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

    - Commercial cleaners can prove harsh for different surfaces in your rented property and can damage them. Thus, we use only organic cleaning products which are safe to use and do not leave behind pollutants.
  • Friendly Customer Support

    - Our customer care offers all the required support and help required during the complete booking and cleaning process.
  • Trained & Verified Cleaners

    - Our professionals are fully insured and trained by experts in cleaning all types of properties, which makes them proficient in the field.

Our cleaners at Bond Cleaning in Canberra make sure that your property is transformed into the sparkling space you desire. We provide a range of cleaning services which can be booked as per your requirement.

End of Lease Cleaning in Canberra

Want experienced end lease cleaners in Canberra who know their job well? We have seasoned professionals who are adept at thoroughly cleaning both residential and commercial properties for inspection. We provide 100% service guarantee for all our end of lease cleaning jobs. At Bond Cleaning in Canberra, we make sure that your house is cleaned as per the checklist approved by REIACT.

Oven and BBQ Cleaning Canberra

Our professional oven and BBQ cleaners in Canberra help to bring back the old shine of your appliances in no time. Our effortless cleaning involves removal of all the oily stains, grime and grunge from all the detachable parts of the oven and BBQ. We complete the task with a hot water wash and polishing of the steel parts. Contact us now to enjoy an odour and bacteria-free cooking experience.

Office Cleaning Canberra

Cleaning the office at the end of the lease term is a significant task which needs to be handled with care. Our professionals are skilled in cleaning workplaces and disinfecting them appropriately. Our office cleaners spruce up the high-traffic areas and pay special attention to the fixtures to get your bond back.

Spring Cleaning Canberra

Regular cleaning of the property goes a long way in ensuring neatness and hygiene in the house. However, it often becomes a challenge with a demanding job and other household chores. Thus, we provide affordable house cleaning packages to help you have a hygienic ambiance. So give us a call to hire our efficient cleaners, who can give your house an uplifting makeover.

Carpet Cleaning Canberra

The floor coverings need to be in reasonably clean condition to get the bond back. Thus, most people opt for our exceptional carpet cleaning service in Canberra to get rid of the dust, fluff, hair, and bacteria hiding in its inner layers. Our workers bring along heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to suck out the dirt and freshen up the carpets with a new look.

We are the best choice for cleaning your residential or commercial property.

We don’t leave anything half-baked. You can depend on us for a thorough clean


We are often enquired about the effectiveness of our end of lease cleaning in Canberra procedures. So here is a detailed list explaining our general cleaning steps.
  1. We follow a cleaning checklist which works in accordance with the REIACT guidelines for end of lease cleaning in Canberra. It helps us to maintain the industry standards.
  2. Our support team notes down your needs and makes them a part of the cleaning checklist to ensure that it is covered by the cleaners. The custom checklist helps our cleaners to identify the problem areas and provide the best cleaning services.
  3. We cleaning experts bring along the right equipment and supplies which are needed to spruce up the rented property. These include brush, broom, vacuum cleaner, sponges, paper towels, squeegee, mop, washcloths, dusters with elongated rods etc.
  4. Our professionals follow the top to bottom cleaning approach which begins with the ceiling fan and ends with the floor. It covers everything in between these two surfaces and includes the light fittings, skirting boards, air conditioners, shelves, cupboards, etc.
  5. We do the dusting in a systematic manner from left to right to wipe the surfaces neatly. The mopping follows the same procedure so that no space is left untouched.
  6. Our innovative approach has allowed us to develop techniques that are effective in nature and deliver a better output in less time.
  7. We stick to the plan and the date of the scheduled cleaning and do not go delay the process that can affect your inspection and relocation.
  8. We cover the fixtures if they are a part of the rented space during the end of lease cleaning so that the landlord does not find any problems with the cleaning.
  9. In case your real estate manager or landlord finds any issues with our cleaning, we provide a Free Re-clean in 72 Hours to help you get your full bond back
  10. Our bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) and the free re-clean in case of any dissatisfaction extend the much-needed peace of mind to our customers.

Bond Cleaning in Canberra has been cleaning rented houses and office buildings in and around Canberra. We offer our impeccable end of lease cleaning in the following suburbs:

Our Cleaning Process

We follow a very simple process to complete each job. You can start by getting an instant quote from our customer care executives for your individual requirements.


Give Us A Call

You can contact us at 02 9052 5771 to get an estimated quote for your cleaning needs.


The Cleaning Day

We arrive at your home or office on time and get the work done in the stipulated period.


100% Service Guarantee

Our flawless service ensures that your apartment is spick and span at the time of moving.


Happy Customers






Bond Cleans Completed


If you wish to know more about services or are confused about anything, you can read the FAQs given below to put all your doubts to rest.

The cost of end of lease cleaning in Canberra depends on the size and the condition of the property. On average, the cost of cleaning a two-bedroom and two-bathroom unit is around $280. Similarly, the average cost of cleaning a three-bedroom and two-bathroom house is $400. To get a customised quote for your rented property, contact us today on 02 9052 5771.
Booking our end of lease cleaning service is quite simple and straightforward. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below.
  • You can either call us on 02 9052 5771 or fill out the online form on the website to get in touch with us.
  • Our support staff will assist you in understanding the inclusions and exclusions of end of lease cleaning and get details from you about the size and condition of your rented property.
  • The support team will then provide you with a personalised quote without any obligations.
  • We will ask for your preferred date for cleaning and will schedule the service accordingly.
  • Our highly trained professionals will come to your place and clean up your rented property from top to bottom to help you get your 100% bond back easily.
  • We bring our own supplies and use the best cleaning products and equipment to offer the best cleaning experience.
  • Our 100% service guarantee ensures that you get a flawlessly cleaned property within the stipulated time without disrupting your move.
  • With our Bond Back Guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply), you can stop worrying about your deposit and pay attention to the moving-related responsibilities.
  • We even provide a free re-clean in 72 hours if you feel dissatisfied with our service.
Our end of lease cleaning in Canberra is a comprehensive service that involves sprucing up the rented property to bring it back to its original condition. It covers the following:
  • We have a team of expert cleaners who start from the ceiling of the rooms and remove all the cobwebs and work on stain removal from the walls and then finally sweep and mop the floors.
  • Our professionals follow the REIACT approved cleaning checklist, which ensures that they do not leave any surface untouched in any of the rooms.
  • Whether it is the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, or the patio, we clean and disinfect all the spaces with the best cleaning solutions that break through the accumulated dirt and grime.
  • We are attentive and methodical in our approach and pay special attention to places that are hidden from plain sight, such as the top of the shelves, inside of the cupboards, exhaust fans, filters of air conditioners, behind the dishwasher and the refrigerator.
  • We use non-toxic cleaning products to sanitise the property and the fixtures including the range hood exhaust, oven, stovetop, drawers, etc.
  • Our cleaners meticulously wipe away dust from the doorknobs, light fittings, ceiling fans, windowsills, sliding door tracks, light switches, etc.
  • For further details, check the list of inclusions and exclusions provided on the website.
Yes, we offer a bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) that has made us a preferred choice among our customers. It helps our customers to trust our service and stay stress-free during the relocation process as the fear of losing the bond does not make them anxious. Our promise comes with a free re-clean assurance within 72 hours if you feel that we did not perform as per your expectations. We will come back and make the space ready for the final inspection. However, we are always careful and thorough with our work and do not disappoint our customers.
If you want to save yourself from the backbreaking task of end of lease cleaning in Canberra and secure your deposit, then you must hire our professionals. Here is why we are a step ahead of others.
  • We offer high-quality service with the help of the latest and advanced tools that is hard to achieve through DIY procedures.
  • Our end of lease cleaners are experienced and trained in the cleaning of all types of surfaces, including wooden floors, tiles, granite, marble, glass, mirrors, carpets, ovens, etc.
  • They use only biodegradable and chemical-free products for sanitation, which ensures that the property becomes spick-and-span and germ-free without hurting the environment.
  • Our cleaners will take care of the fixtures during the cleaning process and do not cause any defacement or damage to these items and appliances.
  • Our bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) works wonders in extending a hassle-free experience devoid of any disputes with the landlord.
  • Our customised packages are affordably priced and do not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • You can save a lot of time and energy that can be utilised in completing a variety of tasks related to your move.
  • Our vetted and fully insured workers come back for a free re-clean within 72 hours if you find any issues with the clean-up.
Yes, we utilise the REIACT approved cleaning checklist for end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Here is why it is important to follow a structured procedure.
  • It makes sure that every nook and cranny is covered by the cleaners and nothing misses their eye.
  • It helps in customising the clean-up by including the needs of the client in it.
  • The checklist has helped us to gain perfection in our job and satisfy the requirements of our customers.
  • It helps us to focus on covering everything inside the property according to the listed items and the instructions of the customers.
  • We have been cleaning all types and sizes of rental properties in and around Canberra for several years using the guidelines of REIACT and have always exceeded the expectations of the landlords.
  • Our bond cleaners are equipped with all the tools and are trained in proven processes, which help them to shine up every inch of the property according to the recommendations made by the REIACT.
  • The use of the checklist allows us to impress the property manager and helps you to sail through the final inspection without any conflict.
  • If you want to know about the inclusions and exclusions in detail, then please visit our bond cleaning page.
You must book your bond cleaning service at least a week before the final inspection. It is good to schedule our service in advance so that we can arrange end of lease cleaners for you on the desired date. We usually do not provide emergency service. However, if you have an urgent requirement, then we can provide the service if the cleaners are available on that date. Still, you must make an advance booking and take advantage of our flexible scheduling to get the cleaning done on your preferred date. Our experts leave no stone unturned to give you a high-quality service using the proven methodologies and most effective cleaning products. Our professionals can transform your messy rental premises into a sparkling space and help with the stress-free retrieval of your bond money.
The exact timeline can be provided after understanding the size and the condition of the rented property. Typically, for a one-bedroom unit, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, whereas for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom house, it can take more than 10 hours depending on the condition of the property. If you need additional services like pressure cleaning or garden and pool maintenance, the duration will increase accordingly. Our support team provides the timeline along with the quote so that you can add it to your calendar and get the property ready before the final inspection. Make sure that you inform us about the additional services upfront so that there are no changes in the duration later.
Yes, we provide cleaning services across Canberra, including the suburbs of Barton, Braddon, Franklin, Harrison, Kingston, Turner, Calwell, Crace, Greenway, Ngunnawal, Bonner, Bruce, Griffith, Kambah, Lyneham, Watson, Campbell, Forrest, Macgregor, and Phillip. Whether you are located in the city or any of the suburban regions, just give us a call or fill out the form online to contact us and get a free quote. Our locally available professionals will reach the rented property on time and will get the work done within the quoted timeframe. Our services include bond cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, oven and BBQ cleaning and carpet cleaning. We offer 100% service guarantee and customised packages that fit into your budget like a dream.
Yes, windows are included in our checklist. We clean them from both inside and outside if they can be reached easily by our professionals. We do not use any harness, so it is not possible to clean the windows from outside if the rented property is in a high-rise building. Our window cleaning procedure involves dusting to remove the accumulated dust from the glass and frames. Our end of lease cleaners in Canberra use a natural cleaning product to wipe the window, frames, handles and tracks carefully and then use a washcloth to remove the cleaning solution. At last, we use a microfibre cloth to remove all the residue and water droplets and dry up the surface to get rid of any stains and marks.
We prefer not to change our cleaning schedules as it disturbs our other bookings. However, if it is an emergency and you need to reschedule, you must inform us 2-3 days in advance. It gives us time to rearrange the timetable and offer you the exact timeline you need. We make every effort to get you the booking date you desire if it is possible for us. Rescheduling can be arranged only if the bond cleaners are available at that time. So, make sure that you confirm the booking date after considering all the factors and do not make any last-minute changes.
We offer tailored packages that are designed to serve our customers. You can inform us about your needs while booking the service and we will get the cleaning checklist prepared accordingly. If you have special requests, such as cleaning the kitchen first, we will do it. Our job is to satisfy our customers and provide them with an immaculate property. We do not follow a standard procedure as we give preference to the needs of our customers. Thus, if you need any additional services or have a checklist in mind, feel free to discuss it with our support team at the time of booking.
Moving out of a leased apartment? Make the process effortless by opting for our end of lease cleaning service today!


Are you tired of cleaners who don’t know what they are doing? Do you want to pass your final inspection without stressing about the exhaustive cleaning? Well, look no further. We, at Bond Cleaning in Canberra, make all the effort that your property gets approved by the property manager during the inspection and provide a Bond Back Guarantee (Ts and Cs Apply) for 7 days.

Our bond cleaning packages cover all the rooms of the property including the bathrooms and the kitchen. We have no hidden costs and offer a single quote that includes everything. Our friendly and warm staff members create a customised checklist depending on the cleaning requirements of the property and the desires of the owner/tenant. If you have some specific needs, then give us a call and we will provide you with an estimated cost for the same. You can also fill out our “Request a Free Quote” form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The best part about our business is that we offer unmatched cleaning services at most competitive prices. Also, we put the health and safety of our customers first and use only eco-friendly products. Our fully insured and highly skilled cleaners have helped thousands of customers with their end of lease cleaning challenges. If you too are in need of an expert cleaning company which can make the moving out process effortless and smooth, then contact us today.

Budget-Friendly Bond Cleaning in Canberra By Trained & Verified Cleaners


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We are focussed on providing the highest standard of service to our customers who can count on us for all their cleaning problems.

Trained Professionals

Our staff members undergo exhaustive training to provide the best cleaning in town.


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We have earned the trust of our patrons over the years and have built lasting partnerships with our customers.


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We know how to tackle each cleaning challenge and thus provide swift and easy solutions.


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